1. LEL ‐ LED STANDARD lighting tube ‐1200 mm/ 18 W / 22 W ‐ T8

LEL-LED STANDARD-tubes contain numerous high quality materials, aluminium, splinter-proof polycarbonate that proves B1 fire-proof classification. Apart from high lighting efficiency our lighting tubes are also operate at low temperature and work with smart electronics. Our LED lights are shock proof even to be used under extreme conditions. The rotating connecting cap allows changing the angle of the light without tools. The strong connector allows even 90 degrees of rotation.

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2. LEL ‐ LED ORF PREMIUM lighting tube ‐ 1200 mm / 20 W ‐ T8/h2>

Our ORF PREMIUM tubes (Original Retro-Fit) can be fit instantly without any modification or wiring replacing most of the old lighting tubes used in Europe. One single move, just replace the old with the new LEL-ORF PREMIUM tube and done!

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3. LEL2 - HE (T5)

Inventing the second generation LEL2 tube we managed to greatly increase our advantage in the sector of lighting technology. When inventing the LEL2 and modifying the printed circuit’s structure we achieved a significant quality upgrade by replacing the heat sensitive semiconductors from the connector cap into the cooling tube. This provides better cooling, and more stable running, increasing the lighting tubes lifetime. The modification required the complete re-design of the printed circuit. The narrow and long surface makes the components perspicuous and gives enough space for more safety components. The protection against electromagnetic vulnerability (EMV) is highly increased. The additional filter protection installed ceased all dangers of any short circuit.

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Amit kínálunk:

  • We can deliver all types of our lightning tube in clear or opal color as demanded
  • solutions for every use individually
  • our commercial activity gives extra opportunities for industries, companies or local governments:
    apart from traditional sale we also offer rental agreements!