Technical advantages: This light tube igniter has won the gold medal of the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva in April 2009.

  1. new invention gives you 50-55 percent of energy saving, because:
    • Operates at high frequency (32 kHz), increasing the rate of light emission by 10 percent at least, and the electronic connector we manufacture has one third of energy loss compared to traditional connectors.
  2. The value of efficiency factor is almost 0,98, which means there is no need for branch compensation.
  3. Leaving the cathode pre-heating system has the following advantages:
    • Considering the ignition technique, this is a cold-cathode system, not having burnt-out lighting tubes, instead the tubes slowly fatigue.
    • The ignition process doesn’t affect the cathode mass’ condition in a negative way.
    • The lighting tube will work under cold conditions (-25 C°).
  4. Advantages of high -frequency operation:
    • Thanks to the higher rate of light emission the used input is less, so the amount of the generated heat is also lower.
    • During the lifetime the light output lowers at a slower rate as the strain caused by luminophore powder gets lower.
    • The efficiency of the lighting tubes is better as the electronics operate at a lower temperature. The lighting tube’s light output depends on the environment’s temperature as well, the most favorable performance is between 25-35 C°. This is when electric energy transforms into light energy with the highest efficiency.
    • There is no disturbing vibration at 50 Hz that can be straining and unhealthy for human eyes.
  5. Further advantages of using Entervill electronic lighting tube connector:
    • It can stabilize the lighting tubes operational voltage at a wide range (198-254V).
    • The luminous flux and light performance of a lighting tube is the same at a wide range of voltage
    • The system works with direct current also, with the same input as with alternating current.
    • The electronic lighting tube igniter automatically switches off any wrongly fitted unit causing short-circuit.
    • In case of short circuit disconnects itself from the electric network..
    • Lower heat strain, as the igniter heats up till an additional 30 C° maximum referring to it’s cold state.
    • The weight is less than traditional igniters’ weight.
    • Compared to traditional connectors, Entervill connectors don’t induce such electromagnetic impulses that can disturb sensible instruments.
    • They tolerate long lasting over voltage (280V!), able to protect their own circuits and the lighting tubes.
    • Can filter damaging transients occurring time to time, and don’t transmit overtone signs.

Installing one electronic connector will make the following traditional parts unnecessary:

  • 2 pcs. reactor
  • 2 pcs. power capacitor
  • 2 pcs. suppression capacitor condenser
  • 2 pcs. igniter
  • 2 pcs. igniter socket.

As you need only one compact lighting tube igniter box to install, the installation time is less.
Thanks to the lower energy consumption you can create lighting system with higher efficiency.
The system’s lower energy input allows you to use cables of smaller diameter.
There is no unhealthy vibration at 50 Hz so you will not need anything to handle it.
No need for central or grouped branch compensation.
You can us the electronic connectors for motion sensor systems as well.

Economic features: No disturbing
50 Hz vibration!

Thanks to the electronic connectors’ high frequency operation the lighting tubes life time gets doubled!
Frequent turning on or off will not decrease the lighting tubes endurance.
The igniters lifetime is 50 000 hours.
You will experience a fast and spectacular return due to the much lesser energy consumption.
As the lighting tubes emit less heat it takes less energy to keep the rooms cool if necessary.

End finally… disturbing 50 Hz vibration!