Only light, no shadows!

LEL ‐ LED product family ‐ A solution from professionals (for professionals)!

LEL type LED product family invented by the german AWT International and produced in Shanghai under the inventor company’s control. The LEL ‐ LED lighting tubes are made of high quality materials and components (high quality aluminium, splinter-proof polycarbonate) that provides “B1” fire proof classification.

Our LED lighting tubes feature high lighting efficiency, optimal heat efficiency and smart electronics. The most improved lighting tubes are shock-proof for usage in extreme conditions.
Use the new LED lights in old armatures, replace the old T8 lighting tubes!

Save 60% of the energy consumption
with our LEL ‐LED lighting tubes.

Thanks to these improvements we can provide 3 years warranty for LED Standard products and 5 years warranty for LED Premium products! This is an exchange warranty, we provide an extra 2 percent of the ordered amount when delivering as warranty pre-delivery.

The light tube igniter is an efficient way of energy saving

Our goal was to invent electronics for lighting tubes that can work either with the new, working lighting tubes, either with non-working lighting tubes even without filament, according to actual regulations and rules. These electronics must meet the following requirements: sufficient EMC disturbance filter, “intelligent” shock protection, Cos. φ (Cosinus Fi) value improvement (near 0.98), saving a significant amount of energy, and long life, fail proof operation at 30 KHz. Electronic lighting tube igniters compared to traditional electronics result in 30-55 percent of energy saving, depending on the condition of the old lights and the way of the installation.

This light tube igniter has won the gold medal of the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva in April 2009.